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Contact the Continence Advisory Service for more information on bladder and bowel control problems or to find the details of the Nurse Continence Advisor or Women's Health & Continence Physiotherapist in your area. Telephone (08) 9386 9777 for metropolitan callers or 1800 814 925 WA country callers only.

Health Care Professional

It is important to have a continence assessment in order to rule out any underlying diseases or problems such as a bladder infection. A free assessment can be carried out by a Continence Nurse or Continence Physiotherapist located in most public hospitals throughout Western Australia.  An accurate clinical assessment is vital to enable a cure or successful management of bladder and/or bowel control problems.  Speak to the Continence Advisory Service, your doctor, women's health and continence physiotherapist, continence nurse advisor or pharmacist to organise an assessment in a centre close to you.


Any incontinence problem, no matter how small, should be assessed by an appropriate health care professional.

What can I do NOW?

Please click here to find out what you can do to help prevent and manage bladder and bowel problems.

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