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The fact sheets offered by the Continence Advisory Service provide comprehensive information on a range of bladder and bowel problems.

All information fact sheets are available from the Continence Advisory Service for free. Fact sheets are sent to consumers in plain envelopes and bulk orders can be ordered by health care professionals and other relevant organisations. There is no charge for the fact sheets.

There are also fact sheets available in Languages Other Than English and also for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.

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Please click here to download an order form. The following fact sheets are available from the Continence Advisory Service

  1. Bladder Control Problem?
  2. Good Bladder Habits for Everyone.
  3. Poor Bowel Control.
  4. Bladder Control Check Up.
  5. Pelvic Floor Muscle Training for Men.
  6. Pelvic Floor Muscle Training for Women.
  7. Dementia and Bladder and Bowel Control.
  8. One in Three Women Who Have Had a Baby Wet Themselves.
  9. Childhood Bedwetting.
  10. Bed-wetting in Young Adults.
  11. Expecting a Baby?
  12. Surgery for Bladder Control Problems in Women.
  13. The Prostate and Bladder Problems.
  14. Nocturia – Are You Getting Up to Pass Urine at Night?
  15. Continence Products.
  16. Prolapse – Don’t Ignore the Signs.
  17. Bladder Training.
  18. Water and Wellbeing: A Guide to Fluid Intake
  19. Water and Wellbeing: Ways to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

Children Fact Sheets

  1. Day-wetting (daytime incontinence) in children
  2. Soiling (faecal incontinence) in children
  3. How your bladder (wee) works
  4. How your bowel (poo) works
  5. Tips for supervising someone else’s child with a bedwetting problem
  6. Tips for bedwetting children who want to enjoy a sleepover
  7. Happiness is a Dry Bed


  1. Constipation and Bladder & Bowel Control
  2. Stroke and Bladder & Bowel Control
  3. Chronic Heart Failure and Bladder & Bowl Control
  4. Arthritis and Bladder & Bowel Control
  5. Diabetes and Bladder and Bowel Control
  6. After-Dribble - a common problem for men
  7. Menopause and Bladder and Bowel Control
  8. Caring for Someone with Incontinence
  9. Mental Illness and Bladder and Bowel Control
  10. Continence Guide
  11. Continence Advisory Service Flyer
  12. Bridge (newsletter)
  13. The Toilet Map
  14. Help for people who care for someone with bladder or bowel problems
  15. Skin care and incontinence
  16. Continence and prostate: A guide for men undergoing prostate surgery
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