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The Continence Advisory Service holds regular seminars, activities and events for community groups interested in bladder and bowel health.






Community Education Sessions

Click here for details on upcoming community education sessions.
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Seminars for Community Groups

The Continence Advisory Service has professional staff available to present to your organisation or community group.  We regularly speak to various groups including seniors and community groups. We are able to tailor our presentations to your specific needs, including making the presentation less or more formal. Topics covered in these sessions include:

  • What are bladder and bowel problems?
  • What causes bladder and bowel problems?
  • Ways to prevent, manage and treat bladder and bowel problems
  • Brief overview and display of incontinence aids and products available in the community

These sessions are provided free of charge for the majority of community groups. Donations are gladly accepted and allow us to extend our much needed service.


Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Groups (CALD)

The Continence Advisory Service is able to arrange a professional health interpreter for presentations to multicultural groups. There are fact sheets designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and written in languages other than English. There are also a number of fact sheets written in languages other than English. Please click here for more information on fact sheets.


Rural and Remote Groups

The Continence Advisory Service provides education throughout Western Australia. The Continence Advisory Service has been as far north as Broome and as far south as Esperance to educate community groups, health care professionals and health care workers on bladder and bowel problems.


Book Today

Call the Continence Advisory Service today to book your community education session and help your staff and clients learn how to prevent, treat and manage bladder and bowel problems.

Public Sessions

Community Education Sessions for the Public

From time to time the Continence Advisory Service organises community education sessions for the public.
These interesting seminars provide participants with information to prevent future bladder or bowel problems, along with successful strategies to assist in overcoming current problems. 
For information on upcoming community education sessions please email us.

Testimonials from Past Attendees.

"The presentation was very good and topic well covered. Adding humour added lightness to a serious problem." Attendee at a Community Education Session in Warwick.

"Made me see that it is a common problem and what to do now, then when I get older. It was excellent. Thank you." Attendee at a Community Education Session in South Perth.

"As a result of today's session I try to drink more water, exercise and do pelvic floor muscle exercises." Attendee at a Community Education Session in Midland.

Support Groups

Would you like to meet and speak with people who may be coping with similar bladder and bowel problems to you? Click here to find out more about the support groups in Western Australia.

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